Wayne Caswell

Technical Marketing Strategist, Consumer Advocate and Futurist

After retiring from IBM, I founded CAZITech Consulting, co-founded Homeowners of Texas (a nonprofit consumer advocacy), and created Modern Health Talk , an online community about solutions for home healthcare and aging-in-place. I'm proud of my personal accomplishments and those of IBM (see anniversary video).

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With some 40 years of experience, I am now older and wiser but still enthusiastic and physically fit. I keep learning new things and pushing new boundaries and am attracted by the intersections of MiniTrends, always looking for innovative companies with a promising future and a corporate culture that I can support and believe in.

My maturity and experience offers benefits that can't be found in younger workers -- benefits that are especially important for startups and small businesses. So check out my personal resume and portfolios at left. And to see other benefits of hiring older workers, see:

NEW: CES in PJs, summarizing my virtual trip to the International Consumer Electronics Show.